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Author and illustrator Dav Pilkey struggled with ADHD at school. He started writing the Captain Underpants stories while banished from the classroom. His books contain scenes which may be considered too silly for grown-ups, small animals and some types of houseplants. If you are a grown-up, a small animal, a houseplant or a teacher, you should seek permission from a kid before reading on!

Here's the list that ran across the screen as Hannity told his viewers what a great president Trump has been while ignoring any of the economic gains he inherited from President Obama and completely ignoring the damage that a good deal of these so-called "accomplishments" are gong to cause, along with the fact that many of them are based on lies :

We end it with a bigger gap than that between first and second, as Manchester City make a mockery of “the most competitive league in the world” cliché.