Kelis vs. kraftwerk - milkshake model

  1. Grant Nelson feat. DJ Disciple - 2 Da Bone
    (Swing City)
  2. Mousse T. - De La Bass
    (Swing City)
  3. Curtis & Moore feat. Zeitia Massiah - Wishing On A Star
    (Jazz 'N' Groove Dub Mix) (Swing City)
  4. South Central - MUZIK
    (The Muzik Dub) (Swing City)
  5. Eddie S. & The Rooster - It's About Time
  6. Spanish Rituals - Morir Sonando (Die Dreaming)
    (The Groove Cartel Mix) (Strictly Rhythm)
  7. Eddie Perez presents Juice & Co. - Wanna Say
  8. Tiko presents The Groove feat. Dawn Tallman - Feel It
    (Long Dub) (Nervous)
  9. Shake Your Ass - You Came My Way
    (Mousse T.'s Harmonic Mix) (Peppermint Jam)
  10. Mary J. Blige - You Bring Me Joy
    (E-Smoove's Joyous Club Mix) (White)

Richard X started his career in the underground music scene creating popular bootlegs , which are "illegal, under the counter remixes which combined two existing records to make an entirely new song." [1] Under the pseudonym Girls on Top, Richard X released a series of vinyl-only underground singles. He says bootlegs were "escaping from that world of formatting – which the DJ culture and club culture relies on so much. They were supposed to be the future of pop music." [1] His mashup "I Wanna Dance with Numbers" helped establish as the most common mashup template the combination of vocals from a female pop singer with a critically noteworthy song. [3]

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Kelis vs. Kraftwerk - Milkshake ModelKelis vs. Kraftwerk - Milkshake ModelKelis vs. Kraftwerk - Milkshake ModelKelis vs. Kraftwerk - Milkshake Model